Welcome to Bossy’s Feltworks!

Bossy’s Feltworks is three friends/moms/islanders who have felted together for over eight years. When we started our business, we were looking to enmesh work life, camaraderie, and a posse of small children. Working at the kitchen table, our “Bossy Days” visit-our-store_holidaywere filled with wool, tea, snacks, and negotiations. Now, that posse of toddlers are in elementary and middle school, and our menagerie of animals has grown to include horses and goats amidst the sheep, dogs and various assortment of fowl. Luckily, we never entertained the notion that life would get any less busy as our children grew!

Over the years Bossy has surprised us in so many ways, bringing us craft shows, farmer’s markets, and workshops and settling us into our own studio just outside of town. The scene is familiar: piles of wool, cups of tea and lots of laughter. There’s a special nook in the studio where we’ve fitted a couch for our kids to snuggle down and read our own childhood stashes of comic books. As Bossy nears the end of our first decade of business, we’ve reassessed and reconfigured, we’ve delegated and organized, but we always have come around to this truth: there is no place we would rather be!

10 thoughts on “Welcome to Bossy’s Feltworks!

  1. My daughter gave me your Mama and Baby Lambs on a Green Pin Cushion with flowers and pins, for Christmas.
    I absolutely love it.
    It will have a cherished place in my pin cushion collection. Thank you so much and have a Happy New Year, Jama

  2. I saw your booth on a recent trip to Orcas Island. You made a dog from a picture my friend sent you of their family pet. I was wondering if I sent you a picture of our cat if you could do the same thing.

  3. Hi,
    Would you possibly be able to create additional fruit items for gifts this holiday season? We collect them at the orcas farmers market in the summer. Maybe lemons, limes, watermelon, really anything! I would
    Be happy to pay a premium if needed. Thanks!

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