Contact Bossy

There’s sure to be more surprises in this wooly adventure! Here’s how to stay tuned:

  • Visit us on facebook for snippets of Bossy life, photo albums, and etsy shop announcements.
  • Join our Mailing list for emailed newsletters (about 4-6 a year) on market appearances, new products and general cuteness. Drop us an email with your email address and we’ll add you.
  • Our Etsy shop is always stocked and ready for you — new things are popping up all the time!
  • Drop us an email and say hello….


3 thoughts on “Contact Bossy

  1. Thank you for making the little sheep. Linda P.Deer Harbor gave them to us. We live in New Jersey. Jilena & Elyana.

  2. Hi Bossy Ladies…Amy?
    My son, Otto, just finished a pillow case and we would love some local wool to use as stuffing. Could I possible buy some from you? Its a pretty small pillow… about 1′ x 1′.
    (Samantha Sprenger)

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