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There’s sure to be more surprises in this wooly adventure! Here’s how to stay tuned:

  • Visit us on facebook for snippets of Bossy life, photo albums, and etsy shop announcements.
  • Join our Mailing list for emailed newsletters (about 4-6 a year) on market appearances, new products and general cuteness. Drop us an email with your email address and we’ll add you.
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  • Drop us an email and say hello….


5 thoughts on “Contact Bossy

  1. Thank you for making the little sheep. Linda P.Deer Harbor gave them to us. We live in New Jersey. Jilena & Elyana.

  2. Hi Bossy Ladies…Amy?
    My son, Otto, just finished a pillow case and we would love some local wool to use as stuffing. Could I possible buy some from you? Its a pretty small pillow… about 1′ x 1′.
    (Samantha Sprenger)

  3. Hello,
    Have you ever made baby mobiles? I’m interested in Something that includes border collies, hearts, trees and sheep. I’m curious if you would be able to do such a thin custom or have done something similar? And how much it would cost? I would be so thrilled if you could! I’m not due for a while… we’re in Newcastle, WA!

    • Hi Carley. We have been making baby mobiles for over a decade 🙂 We’ve even made mobiles with border collies and sheep. The price of our mobiles is based on the price of each animal (for instance, sheep are $15, and border collies are $35) plus a fee to mobile it up, so to speak. Please visit our online shop at; or on this website there is a “gallery” page with a Mobile link for photos of previous mobiles. If you’d like to further the conversation, please contact us through our etsy shop or via Bossy [at]

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